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Get an Insight into Thermo-Plastic Compounding

Want to learn the thermo plastic compounding process? It simply involves the melting of plastics under extreme temperatures during which some compounds are added to bring out certain properties in the plastics. The kind of compounds added will depend on the desired performance that you want to bring out in the plastics during the processing. The need for affordable, eco-friendly and durable equipment for wide-varying applications such as water transportation, plumbing or even residential, industrial and commercial purposes has brought about the innovations such as of thermo plastic compounding in order to meet user demands.


The types of plastic compounds that are manufactured through this process include the polyvinyl chloride or PVC. This is a rigid compound that is widely deployed in the construction of pipes, bottles, plumbing products and even in the manufacture of the ATM cards. Other plastic products that are manufactured via the thermoplastic compounding process include the following:

·         Thermoplastic Polyolefin (TPO): A desirable plastic compound which due to its thickness, is widely used for roofing.

·         Concentrates: Used in place of metal due to their non-corroding ability.

·         Low smoke zone halogen: Used in the manufacturing of cables and mostly used indoors.

·         Chlorinated Polyethylene: Used in the construction industry for coating due to great weather performances. It has good resistance for oil and is also used in making sponges.

·         Thermoplastic Elastomers: Highly elastic and thanks to this feature, perfect for performances including long elongation.

Their production is intense and due to mass production and heavy machinery, the products are increasingly being produced more efficiently and cost-effectively. When you are looking for these plastic compounds, it is, therefore, important to choose thermo plastic compounding companies that have innovative and robust production capacities to handle your needs.

One such company is the S&E Specialty & Polymers which is located at 140 Leominster-Shirley Rd. Lunenburg, Massachusetts 01462, US. This is a leading thermo plastic compounding company. It has innovatively and successfully developed new line of plastic products over the last few years. It has also invested in cutting edge production technology which has expanded its custom compounding capabilities. The company has a robust R&D department which keeps on rolling new ideas and products for the future. For customers, it is a guarantee of reliability and top-end quality in the plastics compounding products such as the following:

·         TufLite™ -XP44-11-1 – Used as PVC and has the quality of chlorinated polyethylene. They can withstand harsh weather conditions.

·         TufTech™ – SE11-0131 – Used for automotive purposes and also has outstanding weather resistance qualities.

·         TufTech™ -SE11-019D – This also has the same features as the TufTech™ -SE11-0131 only upgraded.

S&E Specialty Polymers has a robust online presence with a website where you can peruse through their products and manufacturing techniques and even seek advice or place an order for your thermo plastics compounding products. The company is also one of the leading TPE compound manufacturers with manufacturing techniques which bond plastic and rubber to produce TPE compounds such as the following:

·         Polyolefin blends

·         Elastomeric alloys

·         Thermoplastic polyurethanes

·         Thermoplastic copolyester

·         Thermoplastic polyamides

The advantage with these plastics is that they have been made with certain unique properties that will suit the precise applications to which you plan to put them. They are also highly durable and can be recycled. Check out the S&E website for any inquiry or for additional information on its thermo plastic compounding products. For more inquiries, just visit